Two South African Anglers Hurt By Marlin

By MarEx 2014-04-27 07:32:00

Two South African anglers were seriously injured when a hooked marlin launched itself at their boat and smashed through its windscreen, officials said on Sunday.

The fish's fin slashed one 35-year-old man, tearing the skin from his ribcage, the country's National Sea Rescue Institute said in a statement.

The force of the collision with the 140 kg (300 pound) marlin knocked him onto another man who landed with his back on a rod holder.

Both anglers, who were taking part a fishing competition near the Indian Ocean port city of Durban on Saturday, were in "stable but serious condition" in hospital, the institute said.

As for the marlin, the extent of its injuries were unknown as it went over the back of the boat and vanished into the sea.

Coveted as a game fish, marlin are powerful swimmers with a sleek build and a long, spear-like snout. 

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