UPDATE: Listen to Tony Munoz Discuss PL-480 Food For Peace With Fr. Sinclair Oubre on Radio Maria

Tune In LIVE Online, Friday, June 14th, 2013 from 2:00pm to 3:00pm

By MarEx 2013-06-14 15:24:00

UPDATE:  Listen to the recorded interview:

Tony Munoz - Food For Peace (30 minutes)

Tony Munoz, Publisher of Maritime Executive, will be discussing PL-480 Food for Peace program on Radio Maria with Fr. Sinclair Oubre of Apostleship of the Sea of the United States of America.  Listen in online on Friday, June 14th from 2pm to 3pm, on the Star of the Sea radio show which can be streamed online:

Windows Users: mms://streaming2.eu.radiomaria.org/usa
MAC Users: http://rmusamp3.internettunes.com:8000/listen.pls

You can also listen on the radio in Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin and New York.  Visit radiomaria.us for a list of stations in those states.