Costa Concordia Tragedy One Year Later

Sunday will mark the one year anniversary of the Costa Concordia disaster that took 32 lives.

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By MarEx 2013-01-14 16:08:00

The stricken ship’s owner Costa Crociere will hold a ceremony on the island of Giglio for the families of those who lost their lives. In a letter sent to surviving passengers, the Italian based cruise line asked that the they not travel to the island to mark the anniversary out of respect for families of the deceased. The letter, obtained by the Associated Press states:

"We are certain that you will understand the impossibility – for logistical reasons – of welcoming you all onto the island that day, and the desire for privacy expressed by the families of the victims at such a difficult moment."

Many survivors have expressed interest in returning to the island where the vessel remains and are outraged by the letter. Ceremonies will be held around the world to make the occasion and Costa has encourgaed passengers to attend regional events. 

Sunday's ceremony will include a moment of silence at 8:45 pm GMT. 

January 13, 2012

There were 3,229 passengers and 1,023 crew were onboard when the Costa Concordia ran aground last January, opening a 230-ft gash in the ship’s hull that sent the vessel on its side, where it remains today. Thirty bodies have been recovered; two remain missing and are presumed dead.

Captain Francesco Schettino and First Officer Ciro Ambrosio were arrested following the incident. The captain was detained on suspicion of manslaughter and for violations of the Italian Penal Code and Code of Navigation for having caused a shipwreck resulting in deaths, abandoning passengers and a shipwreck.  On January 17, 2012 Schettino was released from jail and placed under house arrest. On July 5, 2012 his house arrest was lifted, but he was ordered to remain in Meta di Sorrento. The captain’s charges have a combined prison conviction of more than 2,500 years.

Salvage Operations

Titan Salvage and Micoperi continue to working on the refloat and removal of the Concordia wreck. In December the ships funnel was removed and 8 anchor blocks were being installed for the parbuckling rotation phase. Underwater activities also continue with drilling operations for platforms and the placement of more than 200 removable grout bags.

The wreck removal is expected to be removed by the end of summer 2013.

Full details of the salvage operations can be found on Costa’s information site, TheParbucklingProject.com