Container Ship Catches Fire off Miami

By MarEx 2014-01-20 15:26:00

Photo Courtesy WSVN-TV

A cargo ship reported a fire in one of its holds late Saturday and docked at Dodge Island, US on Sunday. According to local press, the fire started in the hull of the cargo ship near flammable materials that could have caused a major explosion.

Crews of firefighters and members of the US Coast Guard have since off-loaded dozens of cargo containers from the 33,000 gross ton Leda Trader, a Liberian flagged vessel that operates out of Port Everglades. Divers will now examine the hull to assess the damage.
A source monitoring the incident told CBS4 that the ship’s 16-member crew reported the fire suppression equipment was activated and they had sealed off the cargo hold but heat sensors suggested the fire was still active. 

There are no reports of injuries.