Barge Removed off Sandbridge Beach, VA

Titan Salvage removed the 570-foot La Princesa barge off Virginia beach after it ran aground during a storm last Friday.

Titan Salvage crews successfully pulled the 570-foot barge La Princesa off Sandbridge beach early Wednesday morning. Coast Guard, Crowley and Titan Salvage personnel worked to remove the barge using two tugs pulling in sync on the bow and stern at high tide to free it.

The barge was en route to the New Jersey port from San Juan, Puerto Rico when it broke from its tow line during a powerful storm. Coast Guard Sector Hampton Roads received a call at 11 p.m. Thursday that the barge had broken loose. Due to weather conditions and despite attempts to recapture the barge, it broke free from the tug Sentry and ran aground on the beach near Little Island Pier Friday morning.

According to official Coast Guard reports, inspectors and members of the American Bureau of Shipping will survey the vessel to ensure it is seaworthy to be towed by tug to Pennsauken, New Jersey.

The Coast Guard worked in tandem with Crowley Maritime Corporation, Inc. and Titan Maritime LLC to ensure safety and secure the incident.