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Australia: Study Shows Aussie Ports At Risk

Sept 8, 2009 — A report by Australia's Office of Transport Security (OTS) shows that individuals who pose a terrorist or organized crime threat are working in Australia's ports. The OTS says this is due to a hole in the the background screening that does not detect "a range of offenses and behaviors that are known to have linkages with terrorist activity and the unlawful interferences with maritime transport and offshore facilities".

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Philippines: Maritime Industry Authority Grounds Fleet After Ferry Sinks

Sept 8, 2009 — In response to the sinking of of M/V SuperFerry 9 on September 6 the remaining 10 passenger and cargo ships operated by Aboitiz Transportation System Corp. have been ordered to stop operations by the Maritime Industry Authority (Marina). In addition, the Maritime Industry Authority is also preventing the officers and crew from the M/V SuperFerry 9 from serving on other passenger ships and has suspended their seaman's book and Qualification Document Certificates. An investigation into the sinking is underway.

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Philippines: Cargo Ship Sinks in Philippines

Sept 7, 2009 — The Korean-owned, Panamanian-flagged cargo ship MV Hera sank Monday near Hilaban Island in Samar, Philippines. The Filipino Coast Guard rescued the 19 crewmembers. This is the second major vessel to sink in the Philippines in the last 2 days. The passenger ferry, Superferry 9, sank Sunday with more than 900 people aboard. Nine people have been confirmed dead and at least 30 others remain missing.

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USCG Graduates Last Port Security Specialist Class

Sept 4, 2009 — The final class from the U.S. Coast Guard's Port Security "A" School at the Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown graduates today (9/4).

Port security specialists, a rating fully comprised of reserve personnel, safeguard critical and vital ports of commerce, both overseas and in the United States, against the threat of terrorism and other acts of maritime crime.

The rating is being decommissioned and replaced in 2010 by the new maritime enforcement specialist rating. The Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement Academy at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Charleston, S.C. will house the new maritime enforcement "A" school.

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