GO TO SEA!: IMO Launches Campaign to Encourage Entrants to Shipping Industry

Published Jan 14, 2011 10:26 AM by The Maritime Executive

IMO, collaborating with many other interested parties, has launched Go to Sea! – a campaign to attract entrants to the shipping industry. (11/14/08).

According to the International Maritime Association (IMO), even though the global implementation of the STCW Convention can ensure that seafarers are properly educated and trained to meet the needs of safe ship operation, their supply in sufficient numbers, particularly qualified ships’ officers, continues to cause concern. Periodic BIMCO/ISF studies have highlighted an anticipated shortage of some 27,000 officers worldwide by the year 2015, while a recent study predicts a shortage of up to 83,900 even sooner. And, when set against the unprecedented rise in orders for new buildings, which has characterized the situation since the 2004 boom in the shipping market, the shortage will only be exacerbated. Once delivered, these increasingly sophisticated new ships must be entrusted to seafarers who are competent in all respects to sail them in a safe, secure, environmentally-sound and efficient manner. The IMO’s “GO TO SEA” initiative, therefore addresses the need to encourage more entrants to the shipping industry.