Featured MarEx Print Article: Ballast Water Management

Taken from our September 2007 edition, Managing Editor Joseph Keefe takes a look at the ballast water management situation and industry efforts to step up and solve the problem of invasive species.

This week’s featured archive MarEx print article is taken from our September 2007 edition, which also features the leaders of Seacor Environmental Services on the cover. Although MarEx readers have seen this article online in the not-too-distant past, we thought it particularly appropriate this week, especially in light of the federal court ruling in Michigan this past week.

Follow along as Managing Editor Joseph Keefe explains how the maritime community at-large struggles with the quandary of deciding what – if any – ballast water treatment system it should install or retrofit onto its oceangoing fleets. A year after this article was published, there has been arguably little progress from the federal government on the issue of aquatic invasive species and, in the face of this perceived inaction, unilateral action on the state and local level has only worsened a growing crisis.

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