International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots Provides Clarity to Presidential Candidates Maritime Positions

Most recent issue of The Master, Mate & Pilot includes chart that contrasts the positions on issues of importance to the U.S.-flag shipping industry of the two candidates for Presidents.

MarEx readers can click HERE to read the latest collation of the two major Presidential candidate’s positions. The attached chart compares the candidates for President of the United States. According to MM&P research, these are the facts. Delegates to the 82nd MM&P Convention voted unanimously to endorse Sen. Barack Obama for President. The AFL-CIO and all the seafaring and longshore unions have endorsed Obama.

The MM&P generated chart compares the candidates on issues such as, Cargo Preference Laws (Guarantee that American vessels will carry U.S. government-financed cargoes), the Jones Act (Protects the domestic shipping and shipbuilding industries and American
maritime jobs from unfair foreign competition), the Maritime Security Program (Creates a U.S.-flag maritime security fleet to support our national defense and to preserve jobs for American maritime workers), the Employee Free Choice Act and health care issues.