QE2 Last Trip Through Panama Canal

Launched by Her Majesty the Queen in 1967, this ship has seen practically every record and honor fall at her feet. She's been a troop carrier, hostess to royalty and witness to history. Nelson Mandela described sailing her as an unforgettable honor and pleasure. The cruise ship which measures 963 feet in length and 105 feet wide and a capacity for more than 2,000 passengers, will be turned into a floating hotel in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Photos of QE2 through Panama Canal click here: http://canalmuseum.com/canalphotos/QE2-Panama-Canal.htm Link to newsletter article: http://www.newsletterscience.com/marex/readmore.cgi?issue_id=293&article_id=3086 Link to newsletter archive: http://www.newsletterscience.com/marex/archive_view.cgi?issue_id=293