CCMIT to Host the Hoffman Island Radio Association, and the American Merchant Marine Veterans of Wo

The Hoffman Island Radio Association and the AMMV have selected The Conference Center at the Maritime Institute (CCMIT) for their respective conventions. The groups have previously stayed at CCMIT during the dedication of the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. in 2004. A cruise on the SS John W. Brown is also schedule for the conventioneers on the weekend following these conventions. Please join us in saluting the “greatest generation” veterans. For more information on the AMMVET and Hoffman Island events, please visit http://www.usmm.org. For information on the SS John Brown Cruise, go to http://www.liberty-ship.com.

For information on the conference facilities for your next event, please visit http://www.ccmit.org, or contact Brian Senft at bsenft@ccmit.org, telephone: 866-629-3196.