Former Acting MARAD Administrator Named to Lead Lakes Trade Association

The former Deputy of the U.S. Maritime Administration, who assisted MARAD Chief William Schubert and then led MARAD in an interim role, has been tapped to lead the fledgling Seaway Great Lakes Trade Association. John Jamian was Acting Administrator of the U.S. Maritime Administration from February 2005 until he resigned May 1, 2006.

Jamian’s interim tenure as acting head of MARAD saw the nomination of DP World executive David Sanborn go down in the political firestorm that followed DP World’s attempted takeover of several US marine terminals. Prior to joining MARAD, Jamian was Executive Director of the Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority. He was also a member of the Michigan State Legislature.

The new trade association will promote collaboration between various commercial stakeholders and environmental advocates for the responsible use of the Great Lakes. Major participants in the Seaway Great Lakes Trade Association will be Federal Marine Terminals, a major stevedoring and terminal operator on the lakes, and the American Great Lakes Port Authorities Association.