U.S. Coast Guard Expels Tanker from Port Canaveral

U.S. Coast Guard Captain of the Port has expelled a tank vessel from Port Canaveral on April 20th, after marine inspectors found the vessel to be in violation of numerous safety regulations.

The “Arel Wind,” a 500-foot gasoline tanker, was preparing to discharge its cargo at Tanker Berth 1, when inspectors from the local Coast Guard Marine Safety Detachment boarded the vessel in order to conduct a routine inspection and issue a certificate of compliance.

Coast Guard inspectors discovered that high-level gas alarms in the vessel's cargo holds were disabled, and, as a result, large amounts of gasoline were leaking out of the ship's pressure release valve vent risers, which are designed to release gasoline vapors from the cargo tank. Additionally, they found that the ship's explosive meters, as well as its oil discharge monitoring system, were disabled.
U.S. Coast Guard marine inspectors routinely conduct boardings of commercial tankers and cargo carriers in all ports nationwide for the purpose of ensuring compliance with applicable safety and security regulations.

The “Arel Wind” was issued a Captain of the Port order, directing the vessel to leave Port Canaveral and not to return to the United States until it meets minimum safety and environmental standards. Coast Guard personnel also reportedly encountered levels of benzene exceeding those determined safe for Coast Guard personnel, and, in accordance with operational policy, they left the vessel.