Marine Oil Service Welcomes Double-hull Ship to Fleet

Marine Oil Service President, Burt Miller, christened the tanker "Rolf Williams," which was named after the company's founder. Miller said it's the first double-hull tank ship of its size built in the United States.

The "Rolf Williams" was built by C&G Boat Works in Mobile, Alabama. Although, larger double-hull tankers have been built in the United States, Miller said this tanker is the first of its size built domestically. It is 88 feet long, 27 feet wide, weighs 600,000 pounds loaded with fuel and has a capacity of 52,626 gallons.

The vessel boasts three satellite navigation systems, two 600 -horsepower diesel engines, and video monitors. Marine Oil Service was founded in 1958 by Rolf Williams, who was also in attendance. The company is the largest distributor of marine lubricants on the East Coast.