DHS Announces Fourth Round of Port Security Grants

The Port Security Grant Program provides resources for projects to improve dockside and perimeter security. The fourth round awards, says DHS, "will contribute to important security upgrades such as surveillance equipment, access controls to restricted areas, communications equipment, and the construction of new command and control facilities."

The Office for Domestic Preparedness, Transportation Security Administration, Customs and Border Protection, the United States Coast Guard, and the Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration evaluated this round of port security grant applications and selected 154 award recipients across the nation.

In addition to this round of awards totaling $49 million, the Department of Homeland Security awarded $92 million in June, 2002, $168 million in July, 2003, and $179 million in December, 2003, under the Port Security Grant Program, and $75 million from the Urban Areas Security Initiative Program for port security in August, 2003.