10 Somali Pirates Sentenced to Prison in 2010 German Ship Attack Case

By MarEx 2012-11-19 12:28:00

10 Somalis have been convicted in a German court today for hijacking a German container ship during a 2010 Gulf of Aden attack. This is the country’s first piracy trial in roughly 400 years.

The men were found guilty of attacking shipping traffic and kidnapping and given prison sentences ranging between two and seven years.

The MV Taipan’s 15-member crew sent a distress call upon being seized, and then locked themselves in the vessel's security room. They also stopped the ship's engine, making it impossible for the pirates to take the vessel to port, reports CBS News.

The pirates were subsequently captured aboard by a Dutch anti-piracy unit in the area and eventually turned over to German authorities.

MV Taipan


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