Fujifilm Smart Surfaces Will Unviel at MMW Expo

By MarEx 2014-10-14 13:20:00

Fujifilm Smart Surfaces' latest silicone fouling-release system solution will help save fuel and time during dry-docking, helping tackle indigenous and invasive species that continue to propagate rapidly, infesting multiple waters and causing vast ecological and economic damage.

The primary goals of the fouling release system are to prevent fouling from permanently attaching to surfaces, which increases drag and causes higher fuel usage and costs, and to reduce dry-docking and maintenance, as well as reduce the generation of greenhouse gases.

The non-toxic solution is a patented, resilient, effective silicone-based coating. The Smart Surfaces DUPLEX foulant-release technology causes organisms to be released from surfaces even at lower speeds and lighter water pressure – a solution that works with nature, not against it.

This US Navy-patented solution unites durability, longevity, cleanability, repairability and cost-effectiveness in a single product. Finally, superior biofouling protection is compatible with superior environmental protection.

The DUPLEX Tie Coat formula incorporating nanotechnology is an ingenious synergy of three layers. An epoxy anti-corrosion layer and a tough, protective silicone surface coat are effectively interlocked through a covalent bond. The synergy between these three creates superior adhesion and durability that boost the toughness and adhesion properties of the epoxy and silicone coating, creating a new system that is durable and long lasting.

To find out more details we invite you to visit our booth #6025.    

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