In the Know Podcast 58: Barak Ben-Gal, CFO of Saildrone

Saildrone CFO Barak Ben-Gal

Published Jun 6, 2024 10:03 PM by The Maritime Executive

In this edition of the In the Know podcast series, TME spoke with Saildrone CFO Barak Ben-Gal about the carbon savings that his firm delivers for clients. Using unmanned, automated wing-sail propulsion, Saildrone’s USVs can deploy from any dock and transit autonomously to the area of operation and navigate or loiter for a year or more at a time. Working for commercial enterprises and government organizations, they have sailed through hurricanes, conducted surveys in the Bering Sea, tracked maritime security threats in the Persian Gulf, and monitored the safety of migrant craft off the coast of Haiti.

In addition to operational advantages, Saildrone USVs have ultra-low lifecycle emissions, and their wind propulsion “avoids” 99.9 percent of the carbon that bunker-fueled survey ships would generate to carry out the same contract. For more, listen in on the conversation below.  

To read Saildrone's full carbon impact report, go to https://www.saildrone.com/carbon-impact-report.

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