In the Know Podcast 57: Executive Interview with Andrea Morgante, Wärtsilä

Andrea Morgante

Published Apr 4, 2024 12:49 PM by The Maritime Executive

In the Know Podcast 57: Executive Interview with Andrea Morgante, Wärtsilä. 

As the maritime industry picks up the pace on decarbonization, shipowners need robust and efficient technical solutions for green power, and technology group Wärtsilä is a leading provider of the systems needed to make the switch. To learn more, TME editor-in-chief Tony Munoz spoke with Andrea Morgante, Vice President, Performance Services, Marine at Wärtsilä about the latest in engine technology, future fuels and regulatory developments.

Since future fuel choice will differ by company and by region, Morgante believes that internal combustion engines are the best choice to handle a varied landscape of energy sources. Wärtsilä is investing in technology to support each customer's choice of future fuel, including methanol, ammonia, hydrogen and biofuel. Since all of these options will be more expensive than traditional bunker fuel, efficiency improvements are a big part of that support service, enabled both through engine technology and through the Wärtsilä Voyage suite of vessel optimization solutions. 

"Efficiency has to be found everywhere. As a company, we are using digital technology both to improve the use of the power generation, but also to help the customer to improve the operations of the vessel as a whole," says Morgante.  

To learn more, listen in on the conversation below.

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