The Time is Now to Invest in Your Vessel’s Protection

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Published Aug 4, 2019 4:15 PM by AMI Marine

Opening the maritime news has become a nervous daily habit for ship managers/owners. Collisions, groundings and the horrifying pirate attacks. Has there been an increase of these events OR has reporting on these events freshly highlighted the dangers of the sea?

Every person who has ever set sail knows the dangers, recently ship owners have started adding ‘danger charges’ for some routes. What more can ship management companies and owners do? Not just to protect their crew but also their assets!

The best solution comes from reliable technology and having the best equipment aboard, ensuring your vessel is equipped with all the necessary systems, not just to meet various regulatory regulations, but to offer support to your business investment. 

Does your vessel have the best equipment? Too many times ship owners will buy a system without knowing if it fits the vessel’s needs. Far too often people buy a ‘name’ and miss out on the most suitable option.

Do you know about most of the VDR options that are available out in the market currently and what alternatives might be available? AMI Marine have launched the new X2 Voyage Data Recorder, designed to be fitted and forgotten about, yet ensuring that you have the answers in the event of an incident. If the worst should ever happen, you need a reliable VDR on your fleet.

AMI Marine have researched the current market and the needs of ship owners, managers and crew safety. Having an in-house group of developers and a formidable network of engineers specialising in data recording technology, AMI’s new VDR/SVDR has been refined for simple use, combined with rugged reliability.

AMI Marine is a brand that can be trusted, providing top quality bridge and navigation systems which are easy to use, robust in design and well supported all around the world.

Technical information

• Data storage capacity of 1TB, allowing for up to 60 days* of storage, twice that of the 30-day requirement as specified by the IMO MSC.333(90) regulations.

• Retrofit convenience. Our 3-wire microphone solution ensures no need to run new cables on retrofit projects, allowing for a much faster and cost-effective installation. 

• Option of 8” or 9.7” color touch screen bridge control panel for easy monitoring of all recorded data, audio playback and images along with expiration dates for replaceable items.

• New simple cable management system for faster installation of larger cables.

• All configuration and installation data held in the capsules and LTRM allowing fast, economic service calls, with no requirement for an external storage device. 

AMI Marine also manufacture compact mini data recorders for smaller commercial vessels under 3000 GRT.

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*Actual period of recorded data dependent on size of image and audio files

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