2021 in Review: The Maritime Executive's Top Editorials of the Year

ever given
Salvage operations to remove the Ever Given from the Suez Canal, March 2021 (SCA)

Published Dec 27, 2021 4:27 PM by The Maritime Executive

2021 was a year for the record books in the shipping industry, and The Maritime Executive has been pleased to share expert perspectives from shipping insiders on the latest developments. Tens of thousands of readers visited our site for guest pieces on GPS hacking; alternative propulsion; marine casualties; port development; maritime history; and so much more. Catch up on the year's biggest news and views with this list of TME's most popular opinion posts of 2021.  

  1. Who "Moved" the Position of a U.S. Navy Ship From Odessa to Crimea?
  2. Modular Molten Salt Nuclear Power for Maritime Propulsion
  3. Ever Given – What Happens Now?
  4. The Risk of Cargo Liquefaction
  5. Lamu Port: Kenya's Transshipment Hub Risks Becoming a White Elephant
  6. West of Diego Garcia, India is Building an Island Base of its Own
  7. New Home for the Last Surviving Landing Craft-Tank From D-Day
  8. Australia Reconsiders $70B Deal for French Submarines
  9. Royal Navy Revives Tall Ship Training for the First Time in Decades
  10. A Multi-Slat Hydrofoil for Low-Speed Sailing in Heavy Seas

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