Western Bulk Selects OrbitMI For Vessel Reporting & Analysis

Orbit Overview from OrbitMI on Vimeo.

Published Oct 13, 2021 11:17 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Western Bulk]

After participating in an extensive RFP process, OrbitMI, Inc., a provider of AI-powered maritime software and data solutions, today announces that it has  been selected by Oslo-based Western Bulk, a global leader in dry bulk to provide vessel  reporting and analysis services.  

Western Bulk chose Orbit because its solution fits the company’s asset-light business model. “Managing a mixed fleet of both short term and long-term time charters requires us to remain nimble,” says Egil Husby, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer at Western Bulk. “With TC  vessels moving in and out of the fleet, we need to toggle data collection on and off based on our  current business. Other solutions require time-consuming and expensive hardware  installations, which Orbit does not. Of the finalists, only Orbit gave us the flexibility we need.” 

One component of the solution, Orbit Report facilitates this flexibility. Orbit Reporter is a  browser-based noon reporting application that can be used on any vessel type and is deployed  via a customer-specific link sent via email. A simple double-click installs the application. On board crew can start reporting immediately. Extensive data validations flag errors before entry. To further ensure data quality once reports are submitted, Orbit’s AI engine verifies the  accuracy of entries, flags suspicious values and suggests corrected values to support faster and  better decision-making. 

Of particular importance to Western Bulk was a system that could leverage data from other  sources and related hindcast weather to enable what they call “true measurement” of vessel performance. Orbit’s AI-powered software amplifies this data with information from the voyage  management system (VMS), other technologies including SEDNA, and third-party feeds such as AIS and weather. Orbit then activates it through connected workflows, dashboards, alerts and  actionable insights delivered to decision makers in real-time via desktop, tablet and smartphone, all behind a single log-in.  

“Having a unified interface accelerates decision-making,” says Ali Riaz, OrbitMI’s CEO. “Orbit removes the need to switch between single-purpose systems and apps and provides richer,  more comprehensive insights. As a result, Western Bulk should expect to see increases in  profits, increased productivity, and reduced CO2 emissions.” 

The agreement begins a relationship that both companies want to expand into the future.  “When we launched in 2019, we wanted to build a products that a company with the stature of Western Bulk would choose,” notes Riaz.  

“OrbitMI is the type of innovative company we want to work with moving forward,” says Husby. 

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