Wallem Westminster Partners with Adopt a Ship Programme

Wallem Westminster’s senior officers raising awareness through the Adopt a Ship initiative

Published Jan 24, 2024 11:35 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Wallem]

Wallem Westminster, Manila, is proud to partner with the IMO endorsed ‘Adopt a Ship’ programme (AaS). Working together with San Antonio Elementary School (SAES), Wallem Westminster’s senior officers embarked on a 10-week immersive curriculum to raise maritime awareness. Wallem provided educational materials and interactive content that explained maritime concepts, supported interactive activities that engaged students' creative learning and skill development and encouraged collaborative efforts to effectively integrate maritime education within the framework of the Department of Education curriculum.

SEAS students, aged between 11- 13 years old, presented a collection of beautiful creative work related to vessels, seafarers, and sea life including posters, galleon design and lantern (Parol) making.

Capt. Leal, President Wallem Westminster, said, ‘The Philippines has a long and proud history of seafaring and at Wallem Westminster we have a deep-rooted tradition where generations of seafarers from one family have sailed with us over the years. To continue this great heritage, we are pleased to partner with the Adopt a Ship programme to raise awareness of seafaring, shipping, and the wider maritime industry and community. I was also particularly pleased to see the attention the students gave to the environment and sustainability which is at the heart of Wallem Group.’

Mr. Jeffrey Aldas, Adopt a Ship, Philippines Representative said ‘Partnering with Wallem Westminster for Adopt a Ship programme is vital given its substantial expertise in maritime operations and services. Wallem’s pivotal role lies in providing access to maritime knowledge, fostering educational partnerships, and offering real-world insights into the maritime industry. This collaboration enhances maritime awareness by connecting students with professional ship officers, promoting a deeper understanding of maritime operations, and inspiring young minds about future interest and career exploration in the maritime sector.’ 

Adopt A Ship is a programme that provides educational benefits and maritime career opportunities for all children as it increases maritime awareness. This project helps increase the children's awareness of the maritime industry and the important role they can play in the quality of life for everyone on the planet. It also helps increase the number of countries where seafarers and other maritime professionals are recognised.

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