Wärtsilä & Capital Gas Partner Up for Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Wärtsilä and Capital Gas Ship Management Corp

Published Oct 16, 2022 8:00 AM by The Maritime Executive

The technology group Wärtsilä and Capital Gas Ship Management Corp. have agreed to partner in the development of a new Fleet Decarbonisation Programme aimed at achieving defined decarbonisation targets. Under the programme, Wärtsilä will assist Capital Gas with advanced planning, and with support in assessing and assuring the performance of investments designed to meet the company’s greenhouse gas reduction ambitions.

The agreement, which is a tailored version of Wärtsilä’s Decarbonisation Service initiative, was signed in June 2022 and will be applied to a fleet of six 174’000 cbm LNG Carriers within the Capital Gas management portfolio.

“Environmental leadership is a top priority for Capital Gas Ship Management Corporation. By engaging with Wärtsilä in this Fleet Decarbonisation Programme, we are looking to continue delivering the highest value to our customers. This includes optimising the efficiency of our fleet, and identifying the most relevant solutions for reaching the highest possible environmental standards,” says Miltos Zisis, Managing Director, Capital Gas.

“The Fleet Decarbonisation Programme represents one of the most advanced capabilities that Wärtsilä brings to the market. It delivers a seamless combination of the company’s technology leadership in the marine industry, and the very latest digital tools. We are now able to leverage on the huge volume of data from our long-standing presence in the market, with the most advanced data analysis capabilities available,” says Giulio Tirelli, Director, Business Development, Wärtsilä Marine Power.

The Fleet Decarbonisation Programme includes a detailed Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) compliancy analysis of the vessels, predicting the fleet’s status in reference to the 2030 targets. The analysis will be based on advanced Machine Learning algorithms utilising extensive data on, among other things, vessel movements and locations, and the technical characteristics of each ship. The algorithms are powered by Wärtsilä’s CII Insight – a new set of capabilities that enable owners to forecast a vessel’s compliance with CII, and to understand the impact of alternative solutions.

Furthermore, the programme will support the selection of the most effective means for decarbonising the selected fleet from the vast array of solutions and technologies currently available. It will also take into consideration technical, operational, and commercial aspects affecting drydock planning and the recommended timing for implementing modifications and conversions.

In order to comply with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) upcoming Energy Efficiency for Existing Ships Index (EEXI) and CII protocols, fleet operators are faced with the complex task of selecting the optimal solution. Wärtsilä’s Fleet Decarbonisation Service tackles this challenge by combining data-driven assessments with expert insight, thereby enabling operators to achieve full compliance with cost-effective investments.

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