Vestdavit's Mission Bay Boat-Handling System Picked for 2nd Nexans Newbuild

Vestdavit has secured a repeat order for its Mission Bay system, as well as a specially designed davit, with Ulstein Verft for a second Nexans Aurora-design newbuild cable-layer

Published Oct 30, 2023 8:30 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Vestdavit]

Vestdavit has hit a new sales record after winning a repeat order with Ulstein Verft for its advanced Mission Bay boat-handling system that will be installed, along with a specially designed davit, on a second cable-laying vessel contracted at the Norwegian shipbuilder by Nexans.

Offshore contractor Nexans has already been using Vestdavit’s innovative Mission Bay system to deploy workboats for cable-laying operations worldwide over the past few years after the first full-scale installation on flagship Nexans Aurora that was delivered from Ulstein in 2021.

The proven TDB-5000 boat-handling system comprises an inboard hangar for safe storage of eight craft, which have been supplied by Maritime Partner, with an automated track-and-trolley system that can launch multiple workboats from either side of the vessel.

Following positive operational experience with Nexans, Vestdavit has been selected by Ulstein to supply a similar system for the latest newbuild of the ST-297 CLV design by Skipsteknisk, which is based on the design of the Nexans Aurora.

Davit design for wide operational window

The 150-metre-long vessel will carry out cable-laying to connect countries and regions, renewable schemes and offshore installations with subsea high-voltage systems delivered by Nexans to support electrification projects worldwide. It will have 10,000 tonnes of cable load capacity and advanced instruments for transport and installation of various types of subsea cables.

The vessel will be equipped with DP3 for exceptional manoeuvrability and station-keeping capabilities as it will be required to perform effectively even in challenging weather conditions and high sea states.

Vestdavit has therefore developed a highly advanced dual-winch davit, named HN-9003, which has been specially designed for the newbuild project.

The company will deliver two of the tailor-made, high-specification davits able to safely launch and recover a Fassmer combined fast rescue craft and lifeboat, with robust boat-handling capability in high sea states to allow a wide operational window for the newbuild.

As well as dual winches, the HN-9003 has separate constant tension and a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) system that can be operated from an intuitive wireless remote control unit.

Multi-mission versatility with Mission Bay
“This represents a further application of dual-winch technology, which is already well proven from operations with the US Navy over the past two decades and is highly qualified for the task of boat handling in heavy sea conditions,” says Vestdavit Managing Director Rolf Andreas Wigand.

“At the same time, the latest order for the Mission Bay system is a strong endorsement of the concept, which has been demonstrated in actual operations for Nexans. This facilitates operational flexibility in deploying a range of different craft, as well as efficient launch-and-recovery operations in variable sea states.

"We are therefore highly satisfied that Ulstein has returned to Vestdavit for this repeat order, which both strengthens our co-operation with the shipbuilder and allows our project management team to hit the ground running as it is already familiar with the project parameters.

“Our goal as a supplier is to perform consistently at a high level from project management to service engineering on-site as we take pride in delivering a solid and reliable system. We are also hands-on, professional, transparent and customer-oriented, which I believe was another key factor in the contract award.”

Sales record... and counting

Furthermore, the significant order has enabled Vestdavit to achieve a new sales record after surpassing previous annual order intake over its more than 40-year history, which is set to go even higher before the year is out.

“It has been a fantastic year so far and we also have further exciting potential projects in the pipeline,” says Vestdavit’s newly appointed Sales & Business Development Director Tarjei Isaksen.

“We see an increasing market trend towards more complex davit requirements in terms of weight, space and speed of handling, tailored according to client specifications.

“There is also growing demand for davits able to operate in higher sea states for which Vestdavit has a strong track record, having positioned itself as the preferred supplier to the navy, coastguard and offshore market segments that require regular launch and recovery of craft in rough seas.

“In addition, we are seeing more frequent inquiries for the Mission Bay solution as clients need to have different kinds of boats, including RHIBs and USVs, onboard and be able to deploy these quickly and safely.”

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