Tuco Delivers Workboat for Autonomous Vessel Research


Published Feb 26, 2020 10:27 PM by The Maritime Executive

UiT, The Arctic University of Norway takes over new ProZero Workboat for their research program of Autonomous Ships Navigation.

The ProZero 8m Full Cabin Service Boat is outfitted and utilized as a fast and flexible multi mission workboat, and is purchased from ProZero of Denmark, after an extensive tendering process. The boat has now been built to the desired specifications of UIT and is taken over by the University after success full sea trials at the ProZero building yard, Tuco Marine in Denmark.

The boat is designed and optimized to serve as a multi-functional workboat and the 8m Full Cabin is a very popular model from ProZero and Tuco Marine, however this boat is set-up specifically for the University researchers needs for a boat to perform their research in autonomous shipping.

In addition to the spacious driver and control cabin, that has room for the full research crew. The boat is equipped with well-organized working decks. The cabin protects the researchers against the surrounding environment, enhances comfort and provides ideal work conditions for the users. The special designed mast is made to hold all the sensor and camera equipment used by the University during the research missions.

The 8-meter ProZero vessel is delivered with a single inboard Volvo Penta diesel engine and Z-drive.  And comes with all needed certificates for operation to national regulations.
The ProZero 8m hull provides for a stable ride, even in rough seas where most vessels must give up. 

Gudmund Johansen, Lecturer in navigation and maritime polar operations at UiT states that; “After the sea trials we have had now, I have to high-light the boats performance in sea. Maneuverability and wave performance, I have operated many vessels in my career, and what I have experienced here so far is some of the best performance I have ever seen in this class, it’s worth mentioning here”

The 8-meter ProZero Full Cabin is delivered full spec, including 2 additional inside workstations for researchers, and additional generator capacity for the advanced electronic equipment. Sturdy railings and well-designed bow access are vital parts of the deck layout which also features a raised aft deck that functions as a full beam work platform for the crew. 

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