The Nor-Shipping Hydrogen Conference - Are We Ready for Hydrogen

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Published Feb 23, 2023 3:45 PM by The Maritime Executive

Investors have bet on hydrogen as a green maritime fuel for years. Millions of euros in funding and thousands of work hours later, how far have we come? Is it time to replace the green incentive with a stick? This year’s Nor-Shipping Hydrogen Conference will put leading industry players center stage, asking them the questions we all want to be answered.

Partnering up to see the big picture

Partnering with Nor-Shipping, Ocean Hyway Cluster, and Maritime CleanTech will join forces to fuel the debate. With partners involved in developing a complete hydrogen use, supply, and distribution system, all elements are in place for the audience to get the latest updates. The conference will occur in Lillestrøm on June 7th at Nor-Shipping’s Studio N in Hall A2.

“Realizing hydrogen solutions in shipping requires collaboration across the value chain. Nor-Shipping gathers the entire industry, making it the perfect arena for our Hydrogen conference. Getting together is vital to accelerate this much-needed transition, and I look forward to joining the discussions on 7 June,” says Maritime CleanTech’s CEO, Ada Jakobsen.

Scaling up 

In the 2023 edition of the conference, we will hear from leading actors across the industry through presentations and debates as we aim to navigate the hydrogen landscape. The audience will receive the latest update on national and international market drivers, regulations, and ambitions. In addition, the pioneers of vessel technology will present their ongoing projects, along with plans for how to scale up the fleet. 

 “The 2nd Nor-Shipping Maritime Hydrogen Conference is targeted and specific to the needs of the maritime industry. As an organization that works with commercializing new hydrogen technology for this sector daily, we are more than ready to bring the key players to light. Together with Maritime CleanTech, we will lift the most relevant questions and show the audience what is moving in this market right now”, says Kristin Svardal, CEO of Ocean Hyway Cluster. 

Transforming potential

Nor-Shipping 2023 runs from 6-9th June, bringing a diverse array of global maritime and ocean stakeholders together in a single, future-focused arena.
Sidsel Norvik, Director, Nor-Shipping, believes the conference can be key to unlocking a greater understanding of hydrogen’s unique potential for an industry in transition.
“When it comes to navigating a more sustainable ocean future, clean maritime fuels are an essential piece of the puzzle,” Norvik comments. “The interest in hydrogen is immense, and growing all the time, so there’s a real hunger to access the latest knowledge and hear from segment experts as to how potential can be transformed into tangible business, and environmental, benefits.

“With Nor-Shipping 2023’s focus on #PartnerShip, working with Ocean Hyway Cluster and Maritime CleanTech is the perfect way to address the ‘big questions’, delivering the answers industry needs.”


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