TCT60 Units for Turkish Merchant Fleet

A TCT60 type pictured at the Augsburg production site
A TCT60 type pictured at the Augsburg production site

By The Maritime Executive 09-28-2020 04:25:24

MAN Energy Solutions has won the order to provide 3 × TCT60 turbochargers for the main engines aboard 3 × 158,000 dwt Suezmax tankers owned by Turkish shipowner, Yasa Tanker. MAN B&W 6G70ME-C10.5 prime movers power each vessel. DHSC shipyard in Korea is currently constructing the newbuildings.

MAN Energy Solutions launched the TCT series in 2019, starting with the TCT40, which was subsequently followed by the TCT60 type.

Mustafa Karaduman – Technical Manager,Yasa Tanker – said: “As one of the key systems of a marine diesel engine, the turbocharger plays an important role in ensuring the continuous and stable power supply of the diesel engine and plays an important role in the impact of less exhaust emissions on the environment. Furthermore, the turbocharger performance influences all important engine parameters, such as fuel economy, power, and reliability of the main engine. Yasa Tanker decided to select the TCT60 turbocharger for our 3 × 158,000 dwt tanker projects in DHSC SY in Korea due to the lower OPEX, extended component lifetime, CBM concept, reliability and high-quality German product.”

Ralph Klaunig – Head of Sales & License Turbochargers & Exhaust Gas Treatment at MAN Energy Solutions – agrees: “A high-quality turbocharger is vital for safe and long-standing operation. Thus, we are very proud that Yasa Tanker has chosen our new TCT60 for reliable and cost-efficient operation of their new tankers. The TCT series, with its compact design and higher charging efficiency, swayed Yasa Tanker.”

TCT series

The TCT series is specifically optimized for Tier III operation, and suitable for both conventional and dual-fueled, two- and four-stroke engines in both marine and power applications. With the TCT series, MAN Energy Solutions has reduced turbocharger dimensions significantly and developed a service-friendly concept.

The latest axial turbocharger generation offers significant downsizing to meet current market requirements. It offers a smaller, lighter design with a superior charging-efficiency, and a high air-pressure compared to its predecessor and other, similar turbochargers available in the market.

TCT turbochargers offer the following features:

  • Long TBOs
  • Maintenance friendly service concept
  • Highest efficiency levels
  • Compact and light design
  • High-performance plain bearings.

TCT turbochargers are high performance solutions, not only aimed at low-speed engines, but also eminently suitable for two-stage turbocharging on 4-stroke engines. With the introduction of the TCT, MAN Energy Solutions Ecocharge (two-stage turbocharging) can now achieve efficiency levels of up to 80%, a market-leading accomplishment.

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