Subsea Global Solutions Opens Seattle Office


By MarEx 2016-04-15 14:48:53

Subsea Global Solutions(SGS), the premier underwater repair, maintenance and marine solutions provider for the global marine industry, today announced that as part of its effort to expand its business in the Pacific Northwest, the company has opened a new office in Seattle, Washington. The fully staffed Seattle office will have highly skilled technicians and extensive equipment, enabling fast response for emergency services and underwater maintenance. The office will also provide environmental compliance, fuel-efficiency programs, surveys and routine inspections.

"Seattle is a major hub for Far East trade, and this office will complement our Los Angeles office to allow us to serve the commercial shipping industry up and down the entire U.S. West Coast. We also plan to offer our services to the cruise ship industry, as Seattle is a gateway for the Alaskan cruise trade," said Paul Peters, Chief Executive Officer at SGS.  "In addition, inland waterways, industrial and power industry companies reliant on water as cooling media in the states making up the Pacific Northwest can now access the expertise and experience of SGS through our Seattle hub."

Because of the lag time for ships to unload on U.S. West Coast ports, it makes sense for shipping companies to use that time to have inspection and maintenance work done while in port in Seattle. Once the maintenance work is done, the ships can depart across the Pacific to pick up more cargo in countries such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. Europe-bound ships can also take advantage of the lag time in U.S. ports to have inspections and maintenance services performed.

With renewed focus on coastal and inland waterway infrastructure renewal projects, SGS's expansion into Seattle, Wash., will fill the need for unique underwater inspection, maintenance and repair solutions for civil, power and industrial markets.

SGS is undergoing significant expansion in the U.S. this year. In addition to Seattle, the company opened two other new offices - one in Webster, Texas, to address growing demand for services in the U.S. Gulf Coast, and one in Tampa, Fla., to better serve customers in Port Canaveral and the West Coast of Florida.

The company offers the industry's most sophisticated processes and repair techniques, many of which are unique to SGS. SGS continues to expand its service portfolio in port areas throughout the world. For instance, SGS's innovation in underwater tunnel thruster maintenance and repair services allows SGS to perform these operations in the water - an activity once only reserved for the dry dock.  As SGS expands its service portfolio globally, these activities become very cost effective: SGS can use wholly owned assets and personnel to execute the work with little to no mobilization of personnel and gear.

SGS companies have been servicing the marine community for over 60 years, with a history of service excellence and innovation. SGS has been the industry's go-to company along the West Coast for decades. With its expanding footprints up and down the coast, SGS has become not only the underwater vendor of choice, but the contractor of choice with innovative and cost-effective solutions.

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