Sperry Marine Launches Digital Navigation & Voyage Planning Services

NAVTOR and Sperry Marine

Published Aug 24, 2022 9:33 AM by The Maritime Executive

The latest Sperry Marine Digital service, powered by NAVTOR, will reduce fuel costs, support regulatory compliance and reduce administrative workload for crew and shore teams

Sperry Marine, the Navigation Experts, has partnered with NAVTOR to launch Sperry Marine Navigation Charts and Voyage Planning. Designed to optimize vessel safety and efficiency, the service provides an integrated e-navigation solution that reduces administration associated with chart updates and route planning and improves cyber security.

Navigation Charts and Voyage Planning is the latest service addition to the SperrySphere platform, leveraging NAVTOR’s award-winning service, designed to reduce fuel costs,  support compliance with environmental regulations and reduce workload for navigators by providing all critical voyage information in one integrated application.

The system analyses the planned route and compares navigation data with the vessel’s water and air draught and other specifications to ensure full safety from berth to berth. 

With databases and permits automatically distributed and updated seamlessly, the huge number of administration hours and the risk of human error during manual planning can be reduced.

The ENC chart service simplifies workflow for fleet managers and navigators and provides full control and accessibility over charts with NAVTOR’s NavTracker chart management and ordering tool. This enables shipowners to take advantage of a range of data subscription models including Pay-As-You-Sail, to meet each vessel’s specific needs.

The PAYS model enables shipowners to more accurately manage their purchases costs with no need to pay for unused charts. Cyber security protocols are enforced by Sperry Marine’s Secure Maritime Gateway which uses multiple firewalls and a ‘demilitarised zone’ as a staging post between front and back of bridge to ensure there is no direct connection between the navigation systems and the ship’s main IT network.

“We believe e-Navigation is the future of shipping because we truly understand the problems of wasted time, unnecessary workload and lack of integration when using paper charts and manual voyage planning,” said Tor Svanes, Managing Director, NAVTOR. “This partnership with Sperry Marine will deliver an integrated solution, ensuring customers unlock the full potential of e-Navigation in a smart, safe and simple way.”

The Charts and Voyage Planning module is deployed and managed through the SperrySphere smart navigation platform. This is a one-stop-shop back-of-bridge digital platform which manages delivery of a wide variety of safety and voyage optimisation applications and a roadmap including remote support and diagnostics of navigation equipment.

“NAVTOR and Sperry Marine are global leaders in digital navigation solutions and by combining our expertise we can ensure that charts and routes can be securely and automatically updated using the Secure Maritime Gateway,” said James Collett, Managing Director, Sperry Marine. “We not only aim to improve the vessel’s cyber security performance; the SperrySphere will be the platform we use to deliver, smarter, safer digitally-enabled navigation to our customers.”

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