Sinochem and Seagull Maritime Collaborate on Training Initiatives

Sinochem and Seagull
Picture provided by Sinochem Shanghai (Shanghai Huaxing) Behind: General Manager, Mr. Zhang Xin of Sinochem Shipping Co. Ltd (Shanghai). From left: General Manager, Mr. Li Yuesheng of Shanghai Huaxing Crew Management Co. Ltd. Managing Director, Mr Lim

By The Maritime Executive 2017-06-13 09:58:29

Sinochem Shipping Co.Ltd. has just signed a long-term agreement with Seagull Maritime to  deliver cost-effective and competence-increasing learning onboard their entire fleet of chemical tankers. To effectively gain advantage in the chemical trade, with its fierce international competition, Sinochem see it as an obligation for themselves and their customers to implement a training scheme allowing their crew to be at the top of the class.

“There has been a shortage of skilled officers and crew to the chemical tanker industry for some years now and we see that this investment in a quality training system from Seagull Maritime is just as much an investment in our most valued assets – our people”.   Zhang Xin, General Manager, Sinochem Shipping Co. Ltd.                       

As a company, Sinochem is devoted to creating value and pursuing excellence. This they do by enforcing corporate social responsibility and dedicating their effort to innovative, harmonious and green development. Implementing a sustainable training system might seem to be just a small part in the big picture.  It is however still an important part and, as such, Seagull Maritime’s training system fits perfectly into Sinochem’s vision.

Sinochem will start with a selected library of e-learning modules and reflective learning films for their fleet, several of which will be delivered with Chinese translation and subtitles. “It is a known fact that our focus on language translations over the past years will help us tie even stronger bonds in the Asian regions” says Mr. Lim Soo Hock, Managing Director Seagull Maritime Information Technology, Singapore. “The quality of our training and content is well known and even though English is the working language in the maritime industry, the use of local language will enforce the learning retention for all seafarers in our region”, he continues.

Sinochem and Seagull Maritime will work closely together in the coming years to develop further training content, assisting crew and officers in the chemical tanker segment to obtain and retain knowledge. This contract is not just about one party delivering a service to the other, but finding ways to collaborate and adding value for both parties.

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