Simon Møkster Shipping Continues Their Hybridization Journey with SEAM

Simon Møkster Shipping

Published Feb 10, 2024 9:20 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Simon Møkster Shipping]

In February 2016, Stril Mar was handed over from Astilleros Gondan, Spain, to Simon Møkster Shipping AS. The vessel was the yard's 461st, and was originally equipped for FiFi II, rescue missions, oil recovery, and emergency towing. The vessel has now undergone a transformative upgrade, becoming a hybrid ship with the complete e-SEAMatic® BLUE hybrid system from SEAM.

In a strategic move to enhance energy efficiency, Simon Møkster Shipping opted for a containerized solution of the hybrid system from SEAM, a popular option for ship owners looking to hybridize their offshore vessels. This not only reduces the investment burden but also optimizes space on board—an important asset in maritime operations.

The container solution is a flexible solution for offshore shipowners who want to convert their vessels to more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly operations.

Despite a relatively short timeframe, the collaborative efforts and problem-solving skills by all contributors made this rebuild a success.

- This project has been relatively complex with a larger number of suppliers involved, and short deadlines. It has been great to see all contributors working well together and managing all challenges as a team, says Svein Ingvald Mannes, Project Manager at SEAM.

The delivery also includes third-party equipment, including Brunvoll's new DP system: Brunvoll BuCon DP2.  This is a modern control system with human centered interface design, all developed in-house. The very first Brunvoll BruCon DP2 system passed third party testing and verification onboard the offshore vessel in late January.

Westcon Yards, one of the largest shipyards in Norway, was an important contributor to the completion of the project through their efficiency and problem-solving capabilities. Stril Mar is the latest of many rebuilds that SEAM and Westcon Yards have worked on together, showcasing a great collaboration over many years.

Møkster Shipping, a family-owned company, has already invested in conversions of existing vessels, and plans to convert even more. Next up will be Stril Server, which will receive a similar upgrade with hybrid systems from SEAM. Technical Superintendent at Simon Møkster Shipping, Lucas Farrell, says the company is pleased to have SEAM on board as their systems partner for the two vessels.

- We are in the midst of an important modernization and energy efficiency journey at Møkster, and we are very pleased to have SEAM onboard as a systems partner for Stril Mar and Stril Server. The project so far has been executed efficiently and professionally, and we want to thank SEAM and all our partners for a great collaboration.

The company, which has its roots dating back to 1968, has a strong track record and a visible commitment to sustainable shipping. Their fuel-saving initiative, FuelRACE (Reduce fuel And Cut Emissions), has been running since 2014 and enforces fuel saving and energy efficiency efforts throughout their operations. Their aim is to reduce emissions by 40% within 2030, with a goal of net-zero by 2050.

SEAM takes pride in being a strategic partner in Simon Møkster's journey towards superior energy efficiency and the realization of greener maritime operations. This collaboration underscores the commitment of both parties to pioneering solutions that contribute to a sustainable and environmentally responsible shipping industry, and showcasing how effective energy-efficiency solutions can also be implemented on existing vessels.

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