Shane Guidry to Remain CEO at Harvey Gulf Through 2027

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Published Feb 10, 2020 4:57 PM by The Maritime Executive

Today, Harvey Gulf announced the company has signed an agreement with its CEO, Shane Guidry, to remain at Harvey until January 1, 2027. 

In connection with the announcement, Harvey’s Compensation Committee Chairman, Sherman Edmiston stated, “We are all extremely happy to have Shane as our CEO and to know he will remain at the helm for many years to come. Shane is one of the premier, if not the premier, operators in the space, and he’s proven his value in navigating the company through very challenging times in the sector. These last few years, he has operated with the lowest cost and highest returns when compared with our public peers, and it’s just amazing the work ethic and dedication he displays.” Committee members Mark Burns and Steve Orlando echoed Chairman Edmiston comments, with Mr. Burns adding, “Shane is passionate and extremely dedicated to this business.  He is truly the CEO to lead mergers and consolidations in this industry, which will result in higher returns for all investors.” 

Shane Guidry commented, “My grandfather started this business 70 years ago. I’m pleased to be the third generation CEO from my family and still at the helm, waking up every day leading and working with the best 10 managers in the industry. Over the past several years, Harvey Gulf has produced the highest EBITDA with the lowest cost of operations in the industry.  We stand ready to merge with any other company that compliments what we do, thus delivering the best returns to the combined entity.”

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