SCHOTTEL Strengthens Position in Norwegian Fishery Market

The new LFC is powered by an advanced diesel-electric propulsion system. The SCHOTTEL supply comprises two rudderpropellers type SRP 460 L CP and one transverse thruster type STT 4 CP

Published Nov 27, 2019 8:21 PM by The Maritime Executive

SCHOTTEL has once again been awarded orders in the Norwegian fishery segment. Thus, the world’s largest live fish carrier (LFC) as well as a 67-metre state-of-the-art longliner will feature thrusters from the German propulsion expert. Both vessels are under construction in Turkey and will be delivered to Norwegian owners.

Sefine Shipyard in Turkey has won the contract to build the largest live fish carrier in the world. Ordered by the Norwegian company Frøy Rederi, the Møre Maritime-designed vessel will provide space for 7,500 cubic metres of water in fishing tanks.

The 83.20-metre-long and 30.90-metre-wide LFC is powered by an advanced diesel-electric propulsion system. The portion supplied by SCHOTTEL comprises two rudderpropellers type SRP 460 L CP (1,800 kW each) with a propeller diameter of 2.60 metre and one transverse thruster type STT 4 CP (1,000 kW). This combination will help the fishery vessel achieve optimum propulsion efficiency and maximum manoeuvrability.

To be environmentally compliant, the LFC will be equipped with the patented and DNV-GL type-approved SCHOTTEL LEACON sealing system. Through the use of separate seals on the seawater side and on the gearbox side, the sealing system ensures that, in case of leakage, seawater entering the system or gear oil escaping from the system are collected in an intermediate chamber. This prevents water from entering the gearbox and, of even greater importance, oil from escaping into the seawater.

The second vessel is a Marin Teknikk-designed longliner for the Norwegian fishing company Østerfjord and is currently under construction at the Tersan Shipyard in Turkey. This vessel will be driven by a hybrid propulsion system featuring a Reintjes gearbox. Here, the SCHOTTEL scope of supply consists of a two-speed propulsion system – combining a retractable thruster, a tunnel thruster and a controllable pitch propeller.

Thanks to the adjustability of the pitch of the propeller blades, the SCP 77 4-XG (2,550 kW) is ideally suited for a wide range of operating conditions such as manoeuvring, berthing, casting or hauling nets. As a result, the operator benefits from a high degree of efficiency – leading to lower operating costs and reduced fuel consumption. Beyond this, a SCHOTTEL Retractable Rudderpropeller type SRP 190 RT (460 kW) and an STT 170 FP (335 kW) ensure maximum manoeuvrability during fishing. 

The new longliner – measuring 67.00 metres in length and 14.60 metres in width – is scheduled to start fishing in the Atlantic in mid-2021. The vessel design includes an automated longline system with capacity for 76,000 fly shooting hooks / Danish seine netting. It also features a factory deck equipped with automated filleting and H&G production on board.


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