SCHOTTEL Introduces New Type Designations


By MarEx 2016-07-25 16:38:26

With the slogan „Proven technology has a new name SCHOTTEL is introducing new type designations starting 1 September 2016. The company replaces the current product names which have developed within the last 65 years after the invention of the Rudderpropeller for more consistency. A new, clear nomenclature will ease orientation among the variety of products. However the clear message is that the proven products remain the same.

Easy orientation

For all SRP, STP, SCD and SRE propulsion units, the SRP or STP abbreviation will be followed by a three digits sequential number. This will allow classification of the various types within the series. For example, the former SRP 1515 will now be referred to as SRP 460. All propulsion units with comparable input power follow this system: STP 460, SRE 460 and SCD 460, the number not being related to performance. The former SRP 4000 will be renamed SRP 510 and the former SCD 4000 will also be given the digits 510. All other products will retain their familiar names.

SRP - Synonymous with maneuverability

SCHOTTEL invented the Rudderpropeller (SRP) over 65 years ago. Ever since, the SRP has stood for quality, robustness and a maneuverability that was unprecedented at the time. The Rudderpropeller product range continued to grow. Further drives based on the SRP principle were added like the STP or SCD.

Today SCHOTTEL offers a comprehensive range of drives covering the complete input power spectrum.

The complete product overview will be available on the SCHOTTEL website www.schottel.de starting 1 September 2016

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