Satcom Global Strengthens Aura VSAT Network with NSS-6 Satellite

 Ku-band service coverage map
Ku-band service coverage map (Image by Satcom Global)

Published Dec 2, 2020 10:17 PM by The Maritime Executive

Satcom Global has added a new satellite to the Ku-band Aura VSAT network, expanding coverage and capacity across the North Pacific. 

The addition of NSS-6 will augment the existing satellite footprint in place over the Pacific Ocean, providing enhanced coverage and improved connectivity for Satcom Global customers sailing trans-Pacific trade routes, as well as providing additional line of sight options if they are required.

The unique Aura VSAT network was designed to grow with Satcom Global’s maritime customer base, ensuring optimum service quality for the lifetime of the customer contract. Additional bandwidth is added to the network organically with each customer registration, ensuring that service does not degrade over time and that Committed Information Rates are always fulfilled.

In addition, Satcom Global is committed to ongoing technological development of the Aura network, proactively adding new assets to the footprint to support emerging requirements for coverage and bandwidth in key geographies.  iDirect Velocity, the platform on which Aura operates, was specifically designed to enable VSAT service providers like Satcom Global to deploy managed HTS and multi-spot beam architectures, consisting of increasingly more beams, frequencies, and throughput. The scalable, cutting edge platform provides enhanced network support and control functionality, capable of supporting the growing connectivity needs of customers long into the future.

NSS-6 sits in geostationary orbit with 60 high-power Ku-band transponders which can be flexibly allocated to its 6 Ku-band broad beams. The satellite, which also has 12 super-high-gain Ka-band spot beams is owned and operated by SES S.A., Satcom Global’s primary network supplier for the Aura service. This latest network enhancement follows the addition of SES-14 and SES-15 HTS beams to Satcom Global’s flagship VSAT network in early 2020.

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