Roxtec Enables Metal Pipe Sealing Without Welding


By The Maritime Executive 09-11-2020 02:55:58

[By: Roxtec]

Welding is the accepted normal practice when sealing metal pipe penetrations onboard marine vessels and offshore platforms. It is, however, a costly, time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Pipe seal developer Roxtec has now proven it is possible to eliminate welding when passing metal pipe through fire rated decks and bulkheads.  

Historically, there has been the process of welding metal pipes directly to the structure on both sides of the deck or bulkhead, or utilizing a heavy and thicker walled penetration piece. Both methods require welding and in the case of retrofit projects, all the skills and logistic steps required to obtain a hot work permit. 

Non-weld sealing solution

Therefore, it could be beneficial to replace traditional methods of transitioning to bulkhead unions, steel pipes via flanges or coupling connections, with solutions that do not require any welding. An interesting, user-friendly alternative is the innovative Roxtec SPM seal. It is quick and easy to install from only one side of the deck or bulkhead, without any need for downtime or costs associated with welding practices. The Roxtec SPM seal protects against fire, gas and water, and ensures operational reliability. It is certified and approved by all leading classification societies.

Test video proves cost-efficiency  

As this alternative can help shipyards and maintenance staff avoid the entire process of welding, it can save up to 70 percent of the installation time. It can also minimize the number of components required and reduce the depth and weight of the installation. To visualize the differences between a non-weld seal at the forefront of technology, and traditional bulkhead union and sealing plug systems, Roxtec conducted an installation comparison test. The revealing video from this exercise as well as an explanatory installation comparison analysis are available on roxtec.com.

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