Rotary Club Award for T&T Salvage

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By MarEx 2015-02-20 20:27:01

A significant part of the cargo carried on a small feeder container vessel grounded off the coast of Papua New Guinea consisted of 32 containers of mosquito nets. These nets were owned by international charitable organization the Rotary Club through their subsidiary Rotarians Against Malaria.

Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) is a not-for-profit NGO engaged in a program aimed at eliminating Malaria in Papua New Guinea by the use of Long Lasting Insecticidal Mosquito Nets (LLIN’s) which are delivered free of charge to every household in Papua New Guinea. 

Unfortunately these nets were not insured and the charity simply did not have the funds to pay a salvage award. T&T Salvage, who undertook the salvage of the vessel and her cargo under the internationally recognized Lloyds Form of Salvage Agreement (LOF), have agreed to release the cargo without salvage security. 

T&T Salvage, together with their subcontractors Pacific Towing PNG, will pay this cargo’s share of any salvage award or settlement out of their own pocket, substantially reducing any profit they will make under the LOF.

Mauricio Garrido, President of T&T Salvage was quoted as saying “what better award can we receive than the opportunity to help kids in real need. It is not always about the money.”

Ron Seddon, chairman of Rotarians Against Malaria said “The decision that T&T Salvage has made will assist us in our endeavors to eradicate malaria from PNG and for this we sincerely thank them for their generosity - Rotarians Against Malaria have decided to award Rotary's highest recognition to T&T Salvage in the form of a Paul Harris Corporate Award.”

In Papua New Guinea, Malaria is a fact of life for the average person and sees more than 1.2 million struck down each year.

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