RMK Merrill-Stevens Begins “100 Years in Miami” Celebration

RMK Merrill-Stevens Shipyard Event at Greenfield Garden Park

Published Oct 21, 2022 12:19 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: RMK Merrill-Stevens]

RMK Merrill-Stevens Shipyard – a fixture of the Miami community and Miami Riverfront since 1923 – began celebrating its upcoming 100th-year anniversary in Miami by investing in the restoration of Greenfield Garden Park. On Monday, October 17, more than a dozen members of the RMK MS staff spent the day off of the full-service shipyard to beautify areas of the park. The event was co-hosted by the International SeaKeepers Society, a leading nonprofit in promoting oceanographic research, conservation, and education through direct involvement with the yachting community.

The event, hosted alongside the Miami River at 1094 NW North River Drive, included a monetary donation and labor to improve the park. Improvements made included repairing the foundation of the Art Greenfield Monument, purchasing, and installing stone benches near tables on the Miami Riverfront, purchasing and planting new landscaping, and pressure washing the site to clear it of dirt, salt, and additional debris

“The Miami River Commission thanks RMK Merrill-Stevens, which donated the funding and labor, joined by volunteer residents, made improvements to the beautiful public riverfront Art Greenfield Park located in the historically designated Spring Garden Neighborhood,” says Miami River Commission Chairman Horacio Stuart Aguirre. “RMK Merrill Stevens is truly committed to partnering with the local community for the benefit of the public Miami River Greenway,” Horacio continues.

The RMK MS team will continue to improve and maintain the park by cleaning up garbage and gardening at the site, according to RMK Merrill-Stevens CEO Greg Cox. “We are fully invested in the Miami Community… this is our home, and our lives, families, and business are dependent on and dedicated to maintaining and improving this amazing city,” says Greg.

The company is planning a year-long celebration of its 100th-year in Miami, with additional details coming soon. To learn more about this effort and the RMK MS 100 Years in Miami celebration, contact Marketing and Public Relations Director Nicole Squartino at [email protected] or 954-275-6948.

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