Reederei Hamburger Lloyd Chooses Sealink Plus VSAT

Nordic Thunder
Photo Credit: Active Shipping - Active Shipping is installing Sealink VSAT on its tanker and bulk carrier fleet (Nordic Thunder pictured)

By MarEx 2017-06-23 13:09:19

ECDIS updates and crew welfare improvements in focus

Reederei Hamburger Lloyd, a Hamburg-based shipping group will move its fleet of 9 container ships and 6 bulkers to Marlink’s innovative Sealink Plus VSAT package including unlimited L-band backup.

Hamburger Lloyd is a long term customer of Telemar Germany and was looking for a communications solution that provides a quality link for downloading ECDIS updates, which is critical to the fleet’s navigational safety. The company also sees that moving from pay-as-you-go L-band communication services to the pay-monthly VSAT model will provide budget predictability and enable it to offer more crew communication facilities.

Designed to provide high speed bandwidth at all times, regardless of the amount of data consumed, Sealink Plus will ensure Hamburger Lloyd vessels enjoy uninterrupted global access to safety and efficiency enhancing digital applications. 

The technology upgrade on Hamburger Lloyd’s fleet is a result of close collaboration between Telemar Germany and Marlink. The combination of satcom services and technology combined with bridge electronics shared by Marlink and Telemar positions the Group as a valuable technology and connectivity partner for modern ship owners such as Hamburger Lloyd.

Hamburger Lloyd has also chosen to install XChange, the integrated communication management and application platform, ensuring seamless network integration while providing diverse management functions for i.e., crew connectivity account management. While Hamburger Lloyd’s existing L-band system will provide back-up, new on board hardware including XChange and 1 meter VSAT antennas will be provided as part of the monthly cost, resulting in a low initial investment for Hamburger Lloyd to introduce significant new communication capabilities for its vessels.

“As Telemar we have a long, trustful partnership with Reederei Hamburger Lloyd,” said Achim Bomm, Managing Director Telemar Germany. “They were at a point to invest into a new communications network solution to improve their business operations and crew connectivity. With a focus on cost combined with fixed service levels, Sealink Plus makes the decision to migrate from pay as you go L-band services to VSAT even easier.”

“We are seeing an increase in German shipping companies choosing Sealink VSAT services in recent months. Sealink VSAT is the ideal solution for companies seeking to leverage digitalization to improve operations,” said Tore Morten Olsen, President Maritime. “Telemar Germany and Marlink are ideally positioned to serve German ship owners with sophisticated satcom and bridge electronics services.”

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