Plastic Razor Wire Alternative Saves Time


By MarEx 2016-07-10 18:56:24

The designers and manufacturers of a razor wire alternative made from plastic have now installed their system on around 300 vessels including FPSOs, drill ships and rigs. So far, it has prevented the capture of 95 seafarers.

Guardian works by covering the ship’s safety rails with a specially designed plastic barrier made in one meter sections that slot over a vessel’s rails. Without Guardian, these safety rails provide an easy purchase for roofing ladders and grappling hooks. 

Designed for ease of installation and effective at preventing access to the decks of ships, the Guardian system will be included in the next version of BMP4.
Produced in three different locations across the globe from a specifically designed compound which forms a high density rigid barrier with extreme UV protection, it will outlast razor wire by five years.

Guardian will fit any size or shape of ship, easily covering awkward railings, chocks and fairleads and allowing for speedy and safe removal. The system means no more crewmembers covered in cuts from razor wire.

There is no need to remove Guardian at every port - simply remove the sections required for mooring, loading or unloading. This takes minutes and the same to replace on leaving port.

Guardian Maritime was chosen by the Ancient Order of Horner’s to receive the award for the most innovative use of plastic in 2015.

The company has also been granted patents in China and the U.S.

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