PIRIOU Sets up in the Seychelles

©PIRIOU – View of the Ile du Port, PIRIOU (SEYCHELLES) Ltd is setting up its new workshops
©PIRIOU – View of the Ile du Port, PIRIOU (SEYCHELLES) Ltd is setting up its new workshops

Published Feb 1, 2022 3:39 PM by The Maritime Executive


After the creation of PIRIOU REUNION in Reunion in January 2018, PIRIOU group is continuing its  development in the Indian Ocean and is setting up a base in Mahé, in the Seychelles. PIRIOU is going into  partnership with UCPS, represented by Joseph F. Albert, Chairman, and Grégory Albert, CEO, a major  industrial and economic player in the Seychelles over the last 50 years. 

Together, they are creating "PIRIOU SEYCHELLES LTD. The new company, whose workshops are located  in Ile du Port in Seychelles Port Authority’s (SPA) Marine Engineering Center, very close to the Ile du Port  Handling Services (IPHS) wharf and the Tuna Seine landing wharf, will initially offer its floating ship  maintenance services to civil and military shipowners. 
The company will have the support of the UCPS and PIRIOU REUNION staff and also the engineering  capacity of the PIRIOU Group. 

This new workshop is part of PIRIOU’s strategy to create regional bases allowing it, in association with a  local partner, to be nearer to its historical customers and to provide local and quality services, to the same  standards as its European shipyards, to all shipowners.  

Vincent Faujour, Chairman of PIRIOU group, declared: “As announced in 2017, PIRIOU is giving itself the means to extend its international network of services for shipowners, whether or not they are the  Group shipyards’ historical customers. After PIRIOU REUNION, the creation of PIRIOU SEYCHELLES Ltd is a new stage in our positioning in the Indian Ocean. This new base will allow us to reinforce the  links with our historical ocean-going Tuna fishing customers such as SAPMER and CFTO and also to  develop new relationships with other tuna shipowners and also of course with shipowners operating  supply vessels and long-distance cruisers from the Seychelles. We are setting up a base in Mahé, Ile  du Port, with great modesty as well as great confidence in the future of PIRIOU SEYCHELLES Ltd  thanks to our partner UCPS, with whom we share the same values: commitment, audacity and proximity”. 

Grégory Albert, CEO of UCPS, added: “Our Chairman Joseph F Albert has always been a visionary. For some years now he has wanted to invest in the ship repair sector, as he himself is an owner of  passenger ships and LCT barges, which serve the nearby and outermost islands in the Seychelles archipelago. 

As regards the Tuna fishing fleet operating out of Mahé, it was noted at a very early stage that there  was a lack of high-quality services up to the standard of the best European shipyards in the vicinity.  When an opportunity arose with PIRIOU group, with whom we share the same values, it was evident to us that this partnership would serve our initial vision, and would represent the start of an exciting  human and naval adventure.  

We are pulling out all the stops locally, to make sure this new project is a success. PIRIOU  SEYCHELLES Ltd has just come into existence, our aim is to ensure its development with courage,  honesty and pride, in collaboration with the local actors.”

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