PIRIOU Sets Up in Senegal


By The Maritime Executive 11-13-2017 08:48:53

Following the establishment of a naval shipyard in Nigeria in 2004, then in Vietnam in 2006 and in Algeria in 2013, the PIRIOU group carries on its international development and sets up in Senegal. PIRIOU has partnered with NGOM & FRERES- represented by Mr Ababacar NGOM as Managing Director- a major Senegalese actor of the maritime sector for over 20 years. Together they have created "PIRIOU NGOM SENEGAL." The new company offers services for naval repair and building, especially in the fields of fishing, service vessels and defence.

This new establishment is part of PIRIOU’s strategy aimed at getting closer to its customers thanks to local implantation and alliance with a strong local partner, thanks to technical and logistic support in France and above all thanks to local staff.

Pascal PIRIOU, President of the PIRIOU Group declares: “There have been vessels from PIRIOU in West Africa since 1979 and we have always considered this country to be very promising. In the light of our successful experiences in Nigeria and Algeria, our implantation in Senegal has become obvious if we consider its diversified potential. If we add services vessels and vessels of the Senegalese Navy to the fishing fleet -including the pirogue fleet- there is a true potential for local development. As in Nigeria where we have 200 employees, we’ll rely on Senegalese staff and subcontractors. We are setting up in Dakar very humbly but with great confidence thanks to our partner NGOM & FRERES with whom we share the same values: efficiency and neighbourhood”.

Ababacar NGOM, NGOM FRERES C.E.O. adds: “Following Nigeria in 2004, Vietnam in 2006 and Algeria in 2013, we welcome PIRIOU with honour and pleasure. Formidable honour, if any, as PIRIOU has built up a reputation of seriousness and we share values as efficiency and neighbourhood. We believe PIRIOU NGOM SENEGAL will meet the challenge of the Senegalese maritime-oriented strategies, as they are described in the Plan for an Emerging Senegal (PES) of the president of the Republic of Senegal, his excellency Mr Macky SALL.”


Involved in shipbuilding, repair, naval engineering and services since 1965, PIRIOU specializes in producing vessels up to 120m with high added value through a combination of high-performance engineering and a global network of industrial sites in Europe, Africa and Asia. With over 430 ships built and delivered worldwide, PIRIOU provides bespoke solutions as well as a complete range of standardized or customized vessels that satisfy the requirements of international shipowners, whether they be private or public, civilian or military. www.piriou.com


Created in 1992, Groupe NGOM & FRERES (NGF) is dedicated to providing navies, companies operating in the harbour sector and industrial and artisanal fishing industries, with quality products and services answering specifical needs and the applicable international regulations- especially regarding maritime safety. NGF customers are predominantly artisanal fishermen associations, shipowners, fish products processing plants, fish product storage companies, as well as large shipping companies. NGF motto is to provide fast service answering the requirements of its customers. The feedback on products in such a specific environment enables manufacturers or distributors to offer and even adapt products in order to answer the constraints of the local sub-Saharan and marine shore environment where their customers work. www.ngomfreres.com

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