PIRIOU Delivers Two New Tugs to BOLUDA FRANCE


Published May 15, 2022 9:59 PM by The Maritime Executive


PIRIOU has just delivered to BOLUDA FRANCE two new units to be assigned to East Timor. Built by PIRIOU VIETNAM, the ‘VB LIKURAI’ and the ‘VB FADO’ have just left the Nha Be site and are on their  way to their place of operation. 

These two 30.30 metre tugs which have a bollard pull of 45 tonnes and 60 tonnes respectively, have  been built to a PIRIOU standard design and adapted to meet the specific needs of BOLUDA FRANCE. They are particularly manoeuvrable and meet the latest safety and performance requirements,  providing our customers with solutions adapted to their operational imperatives. 

PIRIOU already built and delivered a first series of eight tugs with 70 tonnes bollard pull to BOLUDA  FRANCE between 2007 and 2009, followed by a new series of six tugs built by its Vietnamese  subsidiary between 2015 and 2017, and finally a third series of six 75 tonnes bollard pull units  between 2019 et 2020. 

Vincent Faujour, Chairman of the PIRIOU Group stated: ’We are very pleased with this new  demonstration of BOLUDA FRANCE's confidence with this contract for two new OST30,  designed by PIRIOU. The special aspect of this delivery resides in the fact that this is the first  time that we have delivered units to BOLUDA FRANCE for a place of operation other than mainland France or its overseas territories. 

Denis Monserand, General Manager of BOLUDA FRANCE, added: "These two new tugs are  destined for our first base in Asia, in East Timor, which is the fruit of a partnership with the  BOLLORE group. Through this long-term project BOLUDA FRANCE is taking part in the expansion of the BOLUDA Group in the world. We would like to thank PIRIOU for its support in  this new adventure". 

Multipurpose harbour and coastal ASD tugs 

These units are issued from the OST 30-Omni Stern Tug- model of the tugs range designed  by PIRIOU.  

The OST 30 is a multipurpose tug developed for ‘push pull’ type towage and harbour  assistance operations as well as deep sea operations. With a hull length of 30.3 metres, it is  also fitted to bring assistance to vessels in access channels. 

This tug is equipped with two aft azimuth propellers (Azimuth Stern Drive), driven by two marine medium-speed turbocharged four-stroke diesel engines, fresh-water cooled with box  cooler refrigerants. 

At the bridge, the ergonomics of the single-command control station and the high visibility  over the entire working area and its surroundings allow the captain to manoeuvre his tug  alone. 

In order to answer the operating conditions required by BOLUDA FRANCE, these tugs are  equipped with several options including: 
- Double drum fore winch  
- Bow thruster 
- A towing hook 

The 60 T model is also equipped with: 
- Fi-Fi 1 equipment for fire fighting  
- Aft towing winch  
- An open bulwark with a stern roller. 

The OST 30 is designed to be maintained every five years with special antifouling and ICAF  system. Accommodation is in accordance with ILO 2006 requirements and special attention is  paid to noise reduction. 

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