OMSA Announces New Additions to Board of Directors and 2024 Leadership

The Board’s growth and diversity reflects expanding U.S. offshore energy industry


Published Mar 18, 2024 2:52 PM by The Maritime Executive



The Offshore Marine Service Association (OMSA) today announced four CEOs to join the organization’s Board of Directors:

Wes Bordelon, Chief Executive Officer, Bordelon Marine;

Stacy Jo Stanley, Chief Executive Officer, Offshore Oil Services, Inc.;

David Dantin, Chief Executive Officer, Odyssea Marine; and

Lasse Petterson, Chief Executive Officer, Great Lakes Dredge and Dock.

With the addition of these four executive leaders, OMSA pays homage to its roots while welcoming expanded opportunities in emerging energy frontiers.

In addition, OMSA announced its 2024 Executive Committee:

Chairman: Ashton Laborde, President, Laborde Marine;

Vice Chairman: Rob Vosbein, Jr., Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Harvey Gulf International Marine;

Secretary/Treasurer: Garrett Rice, President, Master Boat Builders; and

Immediate Past Chairman: Otto Candies, III, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Otto Candies, LLC.

OMSA is at the forefront of expanding domestic offshore capabilities, advocating for fair and practical laws that promote American ingenuity, quality, and safety offshore. Ensuring complete enforcement of the longstanding Jones Act and advocating for the passage of the American Offshore Worker Fairness Act are two policies that are integral to ensuring the American offshore industry is utilized to its full potential. These policies ensure a domestic workforce is readied to meet national needs by ensuring fair opportunities for American mariners.

“I am thrilled to be joining OMSA’s leadership team and work to create a promising future for the American offshore marine industry,” said Wes Bordelon, President and CEO of Bordelon Marine. “Today, the industry is at a crossroads… American energy production is expanding in new ways and it is up to us to make sure we are the ones to see it through. OMSA’s advocacy ensures that American companies can continue to provide state-of-the-art fleets and qualified mariners to an array of industries, from oil and gas to renewables and offshore wind, and I am confident in our ability to prevail.”

“OMSA continues to be the voice of the offshore service industry and I am proud to join this dedicated group of leaders working to carry it through to the next generation,” said Stacy Jo Stanley, President and CEO of Offshore Oil Services, Inc. “As the fourth generation to lead my family’s business and the second member of my family to serve on OMSA’s Board of Directors, I understand the importance of advocating for the companies and employees who make up the American offshore service industry, and I look forward to furthering the work OMSA is doing to support the domestic maritime sector.”

“It is an honor to serve on OMSA’s Board of Directors and further the important work being done to advance fair policies that allow American companies and mariners to serve their nation,” said David Dantin, President and CEO of Odyssea Marine. “Change has certainly come to the industry, but we have met it every step of the way. Our crews and our fleets have adapted to the needs of the day, as vessels once designed for oil and gas production are now retrofitted to work in wind-energy development as well. Our ability to adapt will allow this historic American industry to grow alongside new energy opportunities, so long as policymakers understand the importance of investing in domestic capabilities.”

“It is my pleasure to be joining OMSA’s Board of Directors and contributing to the advocacy efforts that have long supported the men and women of the American offshore service industry,” said Lasse Petterson, CEO of Great Lakes Dredge and Dock. “This industry is integral to the American economy, national security, and of course the domestic energy portfolio. Thanks in part to OMSA’s leadership, the United States has been able to maintain a strong, capable, and reliable offshore workforce and I am eager to expand these efforts as opportunities continue to grow and evolve.”

The OMSA 2024 Board of Directors:

Ben Bordelon - President & Chief Executive Officer, Bollinger Shipyards

Wes Bordelon - President & Chief Executive Officer, Bordelon Marine

Tony Cheramie - Vice President, L&M BoTruc Rental, Inc.

Otto Candies III (OMSA Immediate Past Chairman) - Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer, Otto Candies, LLC

Dino Chouest - Executive Vice President, Edison Chouest Offshore

David Dantin - President & Chief Executive Officer, Odyssea Marine

David Darling - Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Tidewater

John Gellert - President & Chief Executive Officer, SEACOR Marine Inc.

Barry Graham - Managing Member, Barry Graham Oil Service, L.L.C.

Todd Hornbeck - Chairman of the Board, President & Chief Executive Officer Hornbeck Offshore Services

Lee Jackson - Chief Executive Officer, Jackson Offshore Operators

Ashton Laborde (OMSA Chairman) - President, Laborde Marine LLC

Blake Miguez - President & Chief Executive Officer, SeaTran Marine, LLC

Lasse Petterson - Chief Executive Officer, Great Lakes Dredge and Dock

Court Ramsay - President & Chief Executive Officer, Aries Marine Corporation

Garrett Rice (OMSA Secretary/Treasurer) - President, Master Boat Builders, Inc.

Stacy Jo Stanley - President & Chief Executive Officer Offshore Oil Services, Inc.

Caitlin Sause - Vice President of Government and Public Affairs Sause Bros.

Karl Senner - President & Head of Sales Karl Senner, LLC

Lynn Strahan - President, Marine Systems, Inc.

Rob Vosbein (OMSA Vice Chairman) - Executive Vice President and General Counsel Harvey Gulf International Marine, LLC

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