Norwegian Electric Systems Launches New DC Grid Solution

OdinsEye Illustration

By MarEx 2016-07-07 16:25:37

Today Norwegian Electric Systems (NES) launches its brand new electric propulsion system, ODIN`S EYE®.

ODIN`S EYE® is a DC grid solution which allows for the use of variable speed generator sets.  The marine electrical market already has DC electrical grid solutions, but why is this one so special?

“That is easy to explain” says Paul Winson, Senior Vice President Sales for NES, “We have always believed in DC Grid solutions, they work, they save fuel use and have lower emissions. However, we did not like the technology currently being offered because it was very expensive and limited in what it could do. We knew we could do better, so we set about finding a solution which is less expensive and offers more capability, including improved safety. It turns out we had the answer already. We expanded our Frequency Converter, the Quadro Drive®, and connected it in a ring net solution. Instead of being limited to just a two split switchboard, which means drastically over sizing the generators and propulsion motors, we can now split all the essential equipment up into separate autonomous islands. These islands can be configured to work together with closed bus-ties or independently with open bus-ties. Because we are using our existing well proven hardware we can keep our costs very low and avoid the risk of “new product development”. We believe this amazing solution, ODIN`S EYE®, will make it more affordable for more owners who want economic, flexible and reliable solutions”

ODIN`S EYE® can be used in any vessel that requires a diesel electric propulsion system, big or small. Batteries and Shore connections can be added with ease, making any vessel safer and more efficient, a rare combination these days. Its high levels of redundancy and ultra-rapid short circuit protection also make it attractive for naval vessels, combined with increased efficiency and fuel savings it could truly enhance the operating capabilities of any ship.

With environmental laws becoming tougher, ODIN`S EYE® is ready to reduce your vessels emissions and keep you on top of the regulations of today and tomorrow.

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