New Hydrogen Fuel Capability Reduces CO2 Emissions of Cat G20CM34


Published Aug 16, 2022 3:28 PM by The Maritime Executive

Caterpillar Motoren has introduced a new alternative fuel option for customers enabling the usage of up to 25% of hydrogen content mixed with natural gas in Cat® G20CM34 engines. Prior to this upgrade, G20CM34 gas engines operated with a hydrogen content of up to 10%. With the improved hydrogen capability, Caterpillar Motoren provides customers a new option for alternative fuels to help achieve their climate goals.

"With the expected admixture of up to 20 percent in existing natural gas grids, this upgrade is focused on offering our customers a maximum of operational flexibility for their future needs," said Frank Kircher Global Services Manager Caterpillar Motoren.

The engine control strategy automatically reacts to fluctuating hydrogen contents in fuel gas supply and thus ensures safe operation with different admixture rates. With the additional hydrogen content, the performance of the G20CM34 is maintained and a significant reduction for carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbon emissions has been demonstrated. Thus, the substitution of natural gas by hydrogen significantly improves the CO2 emissions of the Caterpillar G20CM34.

The new hydrogen admixture now complies with European Engine Power Plants Association (EUGINE) Standard Level B. An engine upgrade is now available to enable the increased use of hydrogen fuel, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

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