New Book on Australia's Live Animal Export Trade

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By MarEx 2016-02-28 04:07:14

On March 1, the Australian not-for-profit publisher Finlay Lloyd will be releasing an in-depth investigation of the live export trade titled Backlash – Australia’s conflict of values over live animal export

The book by Bidda Jones and Julian Davies reveals the backstory of this powerful industry and the campaign to bring it to an end, including aspects of the inner political story that have not been told until now.

Bidda Jones, head of science and strategy at RSPCA Australia, and Julian Davies have worked in close collaboration to bring to life these extraordinary events including the continuing backlash against the 2011 suspension of the trade to Indonesia. The book examines the ethical, economic and social factors that surround this compelling and controversial issue.

Backlash will be launched by ABC journalist Sarah Ferguson and Independent MP Andrew Wilkie at the National Library of Australia on March 1.

“This is a passionate and disturbing account that should be read by those on both sides of this debate.” - Michelle Grattan

“Backlash strips back an Orwellian world and reveals just how savage live export has become. A necessary first-hand account of a powerful Australian industry…” - Anna Krien

“Backlash lucidly reveals the inside story of the live export drama of 2011 and leaves the reader with a real understanding of the issue and the fiercely competing interests of that extraordinary time.” - Sarah Ferguson

“A compelling, insightful analysis of an issue that is a litmus test for who we are as a people.” - Andrew Wilkie MP

“A terrific read… A gripping and at times disturbing tale from inside one of the most explosive political stories of recent times.” - Michael Brissenden

“This important book vividly brings to life the events of 2011 and in the process reminds us all of the vital role of people power in forcing government to act to protect animals.” - Lyn White

“Backlash brilliantly captures and analyses the politics of live exports, and starkly reveals our serious failure to build ethical evaluation into the decision-making process.” -  Kelvin Thomson MP

“Passionately argued, informative, suitably horrifying, and brave. An excellent case-study for anyone studying public policy.” - John Clanchy

“This strongly personal and compelling book puts us all to the test. This story needs to be told because live export is an industry that has to end.” - Melissa Parke MP

“Powerful and hard-hitting, this is a story that deserves to be told, and a fight against the cruelty in the live export industry that deserves to be won.” - Clive Phillips

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