MRQ Launches New Streamlined Portal


By MarEx 2015-02-03 14:36:36

To keep pace with client demand, MRQ has launched OCTOPUS, proving that quality services can be delivered at a competitive price point.
OCTOPUS is an innovative new product that offers ship managers the opportunity to book vetted, top tier security services for their transits easily online. The portal provides a streamlined service where ship managers can select and contract certified PMSCs of their choice via a private and secure bidding process. Using OCTOPUS, ship managers can be certain to choose first class, vetted and qualified PMSCs whilst enjoying the benefit of price transparency.

OCTOPUS enables ship managers to cut their workload by proposing to several PMSCs simultaneously and receiving proposals back very quickly all in one place, with no obligation on their part and it is completely free for the shipping company to use and contract. This allows managers to simplify and speed up what in the past could prove to be a lengthy process.
OCTOPUS is proud to have five Private Maritime Security Companies supporting more than 15 shipping companies on the platform. OCTOPUS’s trusted suppliers are: Regal Maritime Solutions, Castor Vali, Seagull, Secure a Ship and Citadel Maritime.  These companies have all been vetted independently by MRQ according to ISO/PAS 28007 standards, the current security industry quality benchmark.  In addition, all the Consultants they provide to clients are individually vetted by MRQ to ensure they meet our exacting standards and qualifications before they are allowed to undertake a transit. OCTOPUS security companies offer a myriad of solutions for East and West Africa as well as SE Asia and the South China Sea.

The products and services herein described in this press release are not endorsed by The Maritime Executive.