Mooring System Ideal for Commercial Vessels

PSI Marine's TideSlide Mooring System

By MarEx 2016-01-25 13:45:40

Eliminating the slack line required for conventional tie-ups, PSI Marine's TideSlide Mooring System greatly reduces inertial loading usually generated by a moored vessel. TideSlide's superior strength and safety are ideal for commercial docks where cargo or passengers are loaded. Maintaining the vessel's boarding proximity allows safer movement of freight and passengers.

TideSlide's vertical movement absorbs any built-up energy, enabling a vessel to be safely and securely held even in the presence of wind, waves and tides. The patented design uses a solid stainless steel shaft and specially engineered, proprietary polymer mooring block. Easy to incorporate into any mooring plan or pier, TideSlide Systems are available in sizes to accommodate any vessel or tidal movement. PSI Marine, Inc. manufactures the TideSlide Systems in the USA. It has installed systems worldwide for power companies, military and commercial applications, such as TideSlide Oil Boom Attachment systems.

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